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This web site (www.nidec-seimitsu.com) has operated Nidec Seimitsu Company (hereinafter referred to as the the Seimitsu)
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  • Individual sentences that are posted on our web site and on our web site, graphic, design, trademark, logo, etc. (hereinafter referred to as "data such as web site"), copyright and other rights belongs to the company or the original auther or other owners. If you do the printing and storage, etc. for the purpose of personal use, other unless it is permitted by the Copyright Act, the data of the web site Company or license without replication of the original authors and other rights holders, transmission, distribution, modification , act of excision, etc. become copyright law violation. Please obatain Seimits permission in advance. However; For example, if you are true in the following example, so you may want to refuse to use, please note.
    • If it contains portraits.
    • Copyright of the third party, Tradmark.
    • In the case of use it is determined that the method and purpose deems inappropriate by the seimitsu.
  • Please do not remove or chnge the copyright, in the case of use the data, and the like of the web site in accordance with the above.
  • Seimitsu does not guarntee precision contents of the data such as web site relates to the links that are made to our Web site.
  • Even any damages occurred event through the use of data such as web sites, Seimitsu can not assume any responsibility Respect link to perform from a web site, it does not guarantee such as the contents of the linked web site.
  • It may be subject to change or discontinuation without noticeDescription and data on the web site. Please acknowledge.

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If you wish to link to our web site, the management entity of the link source and link source page of the URL shall be contact our company by telephone in advance. Site of link contrary to public order and morals, if the other company is determined to be inappropriate, there is a case to request the deletion even after you accept the link request.


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Depending on your printer, there is the case that part can not print.
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