Tactile Devices

From smart phones to wearables, our tactile devices are used in mobile devices where the motor vibration communicates a variety of information to the user through vibration-activated touch sensations.
Furthermore, we provide additional value for tactile feedback by interlocking a game or music to the part. The tactile device vibrates along with the music played on a smartphone; the user feels tactile sensation through the smartphone in their hands. This gives us the real illusion that we are listening to a music performance in a concert hall. When playing games on the smartphone, linking the vibration to the music in the game will enhance and create a feeling of immersion.
To make this a reality we have developed a horizontal linear(square-type)motor which is considered the optimum device at this time. Along with tactile devices, we have a full product lineup of vertical linear motors, brush motors and brushless motor.

"Linear type" motors with reciprocation motion provide for a highly responsive product that is suited for a variety of tactile feedback.

Brush motors are frequently used in mobile devices providing superior performance for cost.

Brushless motor provide large vibration for their volume, generating larger vibrations compared to other devices in spite of it's ultra small shape.

Servo Motors

High torque is obtained in our servo-motors by the built in reduction gear; rotation angle and speed are controlled by the control circuit board.
Our servo motors are intelligent motors with the reduction gear, control circuit board, and controller integrated into one unit. One application is use in communication robots. Control of motion for communication robots is a necessity all while maintaining a compact size and endearing movements. Our servo motors have an optimal design making it possible to realize high torque, low current consumption, long battery, low noise, low backlash and high angle precision, while controlling the bipedal motion of the robot. There has been a growing need for the servo module in recent years, recently a request to mount the drive shaft to AI speaker's that have become popular in the past year.


Brush Motors

Our brush motors are technologically superior in terms of their compact, thin, short and lightweight features.
Especially their contact life, generally a weak side of brush motors, is outstanding where endurance time can be customized and significantly improved as a special model. Brush motors are now used mostly for products such as gaming devices, PCs and DSCs.